It’s a Small World After All…

Today my boredom reached a new low.  Or high.  Depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, I’m sitting at my computer, cross-referencing products on the store’s Website, when it happens.

Before I can stop myself, my hands have taken on a life of their own. 

And they began, um… talking to each other.

Actually, they were singing to each other.  “It’s a Small World After All” was the song of choice.

The left sang Soprano, my right sang Tenor.  They were pretty good considering I’VE LOST MY FRICKIN’ MIND.

I was a few minutes into my performance before I actually realized what I was doing and the absurdity of it all.

I thought it was bad enough that I was keeping myself entertained with Facebook’s “Farm Town”.  Now I’m having a puppet show with my hands???

Not that it’s unusual to have puppet shows with one’s hands.  What else would you have one with?  Your feet?  Your elbows?  Your nostrils?  The problem here was that I didn’t even have costumes for my hands (probably because it wasn’t an actual puppet show…) so it just turned out to be a crazy lady having her hands talk (no, sing) to one another.

I think I need a job.  One where I have to leave the house.  One where I have to interract with people on a daily basis.  One where I could get fired for putting on a puppet show during business hours.

Good grief.  How do the self-employed and stay-at-home Moms do it?



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2 responses to “It’s a Small World After All…

  1. Sharon

    They volunteer someplace, take a craft class, learn something new, anything to break the monotony of staring at the same four walls day after day…..

  2. Lindsay

    We claim that the puppet show is really for our children’s benefit…. Riiiiiiight…

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