Bor. Ing.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend about the blog posts I’ve been writing recently.

They’re all so…


I don’t mean for them to be boring.  I don’t think I’m a boring person.  But at this point in time, my life is certainly boring.

I mean, how much fun is it to talk about how I sat in front of a computer screen all day and never left the apartment.

Woo-hoo, Sue.  Tell us more.

I mean, I work from home for crying out loud.  I don’t think I’m going to enthrall my audience with details of my day like… I didn’t shower or change out of my pajamas until 4:30… didn’t start work until noon…. didn’t even roll out of bed until 11:30 (which in my defense was perfectly understandable considering the evening I had had the night before).  I didn’t put on a smidgen of makeup, didn’t really do my hair either.  Managed to make supper… that’s saying something… but really, my day revolves around working on the computer, running errands and doing chores around the apartment.

Again, woo-hoo.  I’m 26 years old.  Shouldn’t my life be a bit more exciting than this?  I mean, if it’s going to be THIS bad, shouldn’t I just add some ankle biters to the mix to keep me on my toes? 


Really, my escapades on Facebook or who sent me an e-mail or what sort of coupons showed up in my mailbox or whose call I missed on my cell phone really aren’t worthy of writing about.

Which is PRECISELY WHY I am writing about it now…  Ahem.

Seriously.  I’m sorry, you guys.  At least when I was working retail I had some great stories to share about the stupid, dumb, ugly and obnoxious customers.  Now, the only stories I can share with you are about what I had on my sandwich for lunch, what I caught on the TV and how I managed to giggle myself to tears simply because I was bored and afraid I’d have nothing else to do.

I.  Rock.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can post about?  Because really.  This is just getting too lame.



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3 responses to “Bor. Ing.

  1. Sharon

    First of all, little missy, you are definitely NOT boring! You have a way with words that I envy! I love to read your posts about anything!!!!

    I will give you one piece of advice, however. Make a plan to get out of the apartment at least once a day, just for your mental health. Jog, visit the zoo, volunteer to read to kids at the library, or to people at a retirement home (they would love to hear you read your own stories!).

    Just get out and be around other people at least once a day. I speak from experience… it will help your sanity tremendously!!!

  2. I agree Sharon! You should probably try to get out so you aren’t cooped up there all day. Walk around the mall and watch stupid people. Stand in line at the bank and make fun of the tellers. I don’t know, just get out. You might even have fun getting a part time job, if you can swing it.

    I don’t think you are boring either. I laugh out loud when I read them. Hope you are able to sleep better!


  3. Your buds are right, Sharon. Your blog isn’t boring, but if you’re bored, that’s not good. Even venturing outside and walking around the block can be an adventure if you make it a point to be aware of your surroundings. How about a prayer walk every day? I’ll bet as you walk and pray for your neighbors (whether or not you know them), your life will get way, way interesting.

    God bless, Cindy

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