Snowed in…Again.

Today is the second day THIS WEEK, in which I have been snowed in.

No work Monday.  No work yet again today.

Monday we got over two feet of snow.  Today not nearly as much but there are high winds, high snow drifts, and not a plow to be seen.  And everything has been canceled.

It is April 11th, kids.

And yes, I do realize this is Minnesota.

But you would have thought all the global warming would have helped us out a little.

Now it’s stopped.  No snow, no blowing.  Despite the fact that we’re under a winter storm warning until 7:00 AM tomorrow.

But my overly responsible, guilt ridden mind is cursing at me with such ideas as “You COULD have made it to work.  It doesn’t look THAT bad out there.”

It better start up again so I can put my mind at ease.


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