Sister Julie wanted to know when I would post again.

I told her I would today.

I don’t know what to post about, however.

Except the fact that I am exceedingly cranky.

And seriously, no one wants to hear about that.

Every now and then the frustration and utter crabbiness rises up within me and my toes begin to tingle and I get all squirmy inside as I come to terms with my disorder.

I think this is commonly referred to as “Restless Let Syndrome”.

I know it better as “PMS”.

Rock on.



Filed under frustrations

4 responses to “BLAAAAAAAAAAH!

  1. OMFH (Oh my frickin’ heck)

    See? This is why I pretty much worship you.

  2. greyhairedcoed

    Well, I’d rather read a crabby post than none at all from you, girl!

    Things will get better, right?

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  4. regina coolio

    youuuuu’re funny.

    blaaaaaaaaah indeed.

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